Anal Lube Finding Tips

You’ve been thinking about try anal lube attempt, however, you weren’t certain if you will appreciate it.

Relax; the anus is brimming with touchy nerve endings that vibe amazing when stimulated by a tongue, finger, penis, or toy. Before engaging in anal lube, you ought to be totally prepared – mentally and physically. Foreplay before anal lube is fun, as well as out and out necessary.

anal lube tips

Here are our main ten tips for appreciating anal lube:

1. Cleanliness is… Important

You want all of your intimate minutes to be memorable, especially your anal lube experience. You simply would prefer not to recall any cocoa buildup after your partner withdraws from your anus. This buildup could be fecal matter and/or a combination of fecal matter and bodily fluid membranes. There isn’t much you can do to eliminate your bodily fluid membranes, however, you can control your guts. Before engaging in anal lube incorporate an eating routine high in fiber to keep your colon clean. Short on time? Take a stab at utilizing an anal douche or enema about an hour prior to intercourse. This will allow any remaining liquid from the enema or douche to leave your body making your experience more comfortable. Recall that, you can bounce into the shower afterward to revive yourself and your partner.

2. Keep it wet

By wet, we mean your digestion systems. Drink a lot of water. This may sound senseless be that as it may when you don’t drink enough water, your body gets to be dehydrated. Water hydrates your guts and helps elimination by creating gentler stools. If you are dehydrated you may get to be constipated. Constipation = Uncomfortable sex. Nobody wants sex to be uncomfortable.

3. Lube for Anal Sex

We cannot push this enough. Utilize a lot of lube. Not at all like the vagina and the mouth, the anus does not give its own particular dampness. We suggest utilizing a silicone based because it is the ideal anal lube. Silicone lasts longer than water based lubes and does not dry out or get yucky. If you are utilizing a latex safe condom, and it says “lubricated”, with the end goal of anal lube, the lube isn’t sufficient, so always add more.

4. Foreplay

Before you and your partner begin, play with your anus. Embed a very much lubricated item (simply make beyond any doubt there are no jagged edges i.e. fingernails, damaged toys) within you or have your partner massage the edge of your anus. When you are both ready, consider investigating safe analingus (oral sex of the anus) with your partner – if you don’t have any dental dams, you can cut open a condom longwise and place it over the opening of the anus to shield yourself from bacteria normally found in the anus.

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The Hot List of Where to Travel in 2016

Want to know what the most on trend countries to visit in 2016 are? Have a look at this interactive storey map of the world created by SunSearch Holidays. It features destinations from all corners of the globe. Thinking of a European city break? Try Wroclaw in Poland, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016, with its gothic turrets, bell towers, beer gardens and its more than 300 gnome statues, it is sure to delight.Perhaps the USA beckons? 2016 is the centenary of America’s National Park

Perhaps the USA beckons? 2016 is the centenary of America’s National Park Service which manages its 59 national parks and hundreds of historic landmarks. Everything from Yosemite’s mighty granite cliffs and fairy-tale waterfalls, to Zion’s claustrophobic slot canyons and the steamy swamps of the Everglades come to mind.

Perhaps a tropical island break is more in line with what you had in mind? The Pacific archipelago of Palau is heating up in 2016 and has turned 100% of its marine territory into a sanctuary. With only eight of its 200 islands inhabited it is a remote tropical paradise as perfect for the sun worshiper as it is for the deep sea diver or paddle boarder. If however you want to get away from it all and go truly off the grid, there is always Greenland. Not as inaccessible as you might think, it is only a four-hour flight from Copenhagen in Denmark, it is the perfect getaway from modern technology, (if you want it to be) and a unique experience you will not find anywhere else. In fact, 80% of its land mass is covered in ice and you probably will not find reindeer bacon in your local store so best to try it where it is authentic.

The Best Clubs in Montreal in 2015


best clubs in montreal

Since you just want to know about the best clubs in Montreal, don’t worry I will not bore you talking about the restaurants and how great the parks are. Montreal is a wonderful city with an alive nightlife (unlike Ottawa). If you are ever lost during your trip and don’t know where to, just remember about “Saint-Laurent Boulevard”. On this street you are guarantee to find whatever you are looking. I really mean it. So without further ado here are my top 10 clubs in Montreal.

Warning: If you are a group of 2+ dudes, it’s alway better to be accompanied with women or you will have a had time getting in. You can also get a bottle service though. 

1. Appartment 200

Appartement 200 Hip Hop Club

I call this one “La Maison”. This is the place you can literally go any day of the week and have an amazing time. In my opinion they play the best music, hip hop / rap just how you like it. As for the ratio guys/girls, I never felt like the place needed more girls (around 1am though). I would honestly rate the DTFness of the girls at 7/10 and girls are drop dead gorgeous (That’s very subjective), well they are kinda different from the girls who would to New City Gas.

2. New City Gas

new city gas montreal night club

Talking about New City Gas, it’s definitely a place to go if you like House Music and a dress up crowd. Not to say that people from App200 are not looking good but it’s little more present here, so make sure you get that dress code right.

To be continued…

5 Things you shouldn’t forget home when travelling


We had such a wonderful time! That’s what you truly want say when you come back from your next vacation. Traveling is one of those things that certain people can only afford once or twice a year, ruining is certainly in the back of your mind. There are certainly worst things that happen to people while travelling than forgetting you toothbrush, but it is always better to get up on the right foot. So to make sure you leave the stress behind you and have all the fun in world during your trip, here are 5 things you should make sure you have before taking off.

1. Your phone charger 

phone charger

At the limit I would say that you need a backup battery. In case the image above didn’t ring any bell, we live in the digital world and you have to share your trip with your friends and family. Having a backup battery is even more convenient. Better be ready now than sorry later, so gear up! You have head of people coming back from trip and say I wish I had taken more pictures, I wish I have done this, that.

2. Your passport 


I this looks like an obvious one but it happened to my brother and I was even more frustrated than him (I wasn’t even travelling). You won’t believe how many people forget their passport in the travel rush. Always make sure to take picture of your passport just as safety measure if you loose it in another country.

3. Toothbrush and toothpaste 


If there is one thing that annoys the most when waking up in a strange place is to have to think of buying a toothbrush first thing in the morning. Even when you are just sleeping at a friend place that’s pretty annoying to not be able to brush your teeth in the morning. Having you own toothpaste is a must if you are not sure or know where you are going don’t have the one you like or are used to.

P.s. I use a fluoride free toothpaste that’s why I bother.

4. Your shaving supplies 

safety razor

This applies whether your man or woman but it depends on how long is your trip. You will know if you need to bring this stuff depending on your shaving frequency. Finding the best safety razor (or electric shaver) home take already some shopping brainstorming, you wouldn’t want to shop for it in a strange land, although you could (for the adventurous bread).

5. Contact your Credit Card Company

credits cards

Don’t be surprise that you credit card get decline while travelling. This is a much appreciated security feature because people steal and you credit card company is pretty much left hanging almost everything someone steal your credit card information and use it. This sometime apply even when going next town.

Last but not least make sure you have extra money in $CASH. You will thank me later.

Final Thoughts

Travelling is a gift from the Gods. Having a memorable time is what we seek when going away from our home so I thought having in mind some of the things you shouldn’t forget when travelling with help in that regards. There is certainly other more important perhaps depending on your travel motives and your style. Are you travelling for business or backpacking? Visiting friends or going for an event. These should outline more the specifics thing you need not to forget.